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You would send your mom to this salon. You are unlikely to suffer an injury or pick up and infection, and if either happened, they would send you to a doctor rather than given you a blank look. Autoclaves will get the most points.

 This salon follows proper state guidelines. The salon safety rating of a four star salon goes up to a 4.5 if they use an ultrasonic cleaner properly prior to soaking in an approved liquid to improve the removal of bacteria from instruments.

You would send the neighbor who plays her music loud at 6 a.m. on Saturdays (it´s annoying but at least it´s good stuff). You will have an average chance of picking up an infection and help would be limited.

 You would send a co-worker whom you suspect of swiping your lunch from the office fridge. Chances of picking up an infection are fairly high, and don´t look for help if you do have trouble.

 You would send your worst enemy with a 10 dollar coupon. This is a germ-pool where the first visit could net you a case of the nasties.

A Skull will issue a death certificate upon request.

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