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The following links can help you find more information:
A free listing for any salon to let consumers know which salons go the extra mile and use autoclaves to protect their clients.
For the list of graduate Nail Technicians who are certified advanced nail technicians or Medical Nail Technicians. This is also a site for Nail Technicians to get online advanced training with courses that take only a few hours to complete.
Where you can read free chapters from the book Death by Pedicure, learn about medicated nail polish and get important information on nail salons.
The only weekly radio station in the world where consumers and nail technicians can listen or ask questions to obtain the most up-to-date helpful information and info on nail care products in the nail salon industry. Hosted and created by Athena Elliot, Medical Nail and
Where you can find expert help if you need to report nail salon problems.

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