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Application Introduction

Your Safe Salon Starts with Us!

Use this 5 STAR Rating survey to protect you from potential nail salon infections.

Take a 20 question survey anonymously based on a salon´s educational standards, professionalism and sanitation protocols. This will help other consumers avoid problems while rewarding good salons.


Users can register with an email address and zip code. A zip code will produce a Google listing and a CONSUMER listing.Before booking your appointment or getting services from a salon, ask the "5 CALL QUESTIONS" over the telephone to get feedback on how safe a salon is:
Consumers can add a listing using a salon name and address and take the survey immediately. Next to each question is an information icon ( i ) Click this ( i ) for an explanation of the "highest standards" in nail salon sanitation.

If you are scared of the hidden dangers lurking in nail salons, this app will give you great insight on the likelihood of catching a nail salon infection.

Your safety is important to us. If you have any difficulties with the app, please contact us at safesalonrating@gmail.com

Your Safe Salon Starts with Us

Guard yourself against hidden dangers lurking in nail salons like fungus & staph. Say no to bleeding cuticles and damaged nails by rating the salon that put you in tears.

This is a simple survey to protect the salon client from potential infection and alert other consumers for potential risk while rewarding the GOOD salons.

Don´t choose your salon based on price alone, because "A ten dollar special is NO deal in a 1 STAR salon." Dr. Robert Spalding DPM

Great salons offer more than cutting edge nail designs & quality products; they ensure client´s safety and satisfaction. AthenA Elliott MNT, CCPMA