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Your Safe Salon Starts with Us!

The US nail industry is not regulated by one governing body.

The minimum amount of hours required to sit for the nail technician licensing exam varies from state to state. Some states, like Massachusetts and Virginia, require fewer than 150 hours for completing the program. Other states (at least 9) require up to 600 school hours to complete the program. The national average is about 375 hours. Basically this mean the nail industry has NO INDUSTRY STANDARD concerning nail salons rules and regulations. SSR has created the highest level of sanitation protocol for nail salons worldwide, protecting the consumers from potential nail salon infections. Guard yourself against hidden dangers lurking in nail salons like fungus & staph. Say no to bleeding cuticles and damaged nails by rating the salon that put you in tears. This is a simple survey to protect the salon client from potential infection and alert other consumers for potential risk while rewarding the GOOD salons.