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Is your Nail Tech a QUAT ZOMBIE?

QUAT ZOMBIES are brainwashed nail technicians who have been duped by the EPA and State Cosmetology Boards who still believe the Blue Liquids are falsely protecting the Public but in reality are really potentially exposing the public to multiple types of nail salon infections. Learn how can help CURE this “QUAT ZOMBIE brain virus” with books like Death By Pedicure and proper sterilization protocols with autoclaves and online education and online training.  Email or call 423-805-7966 become more educated or get a QUAT ZOMBIE (QZ Button) that shows the public you found the CURE for this national infectious virus.

Dr. OZ Reveals Five Characteristics of a Safe Salon

Finally! Dr. OZ gets some Continued Education Credit

In the past, Dr OZ has certainly tried to educate the consumers on what to look for in a safe salon.  The information given in the past was either outdated or erroneous.

SSR co-founder AthenA Elliott and Dr. Oz teamed up  on national tv to update consumers on the most accurate and  current data available keeping you safe and pampered.  Get a sneak peek video and  read Elliott’s article, Five Characteristics of a Safe Salon on and what type of salon to avoid. 

"Gloves protect you and the nail technician" says expert for salon sanitation, AthenA Elliott

“Gloves protect you and the nail technician” says
expert for salon sanitation, AthenA Elliott


How to Find a Safe Salon

Did YOU and your technician wash  hands before the nail service?

According to the CDC, “Clean hands save lives”.  Safe salons include universal precautions such as single use disposable latex-free gloves for every service

Is the restroom clean with hot water, liquid soap and clean towels?

A dirty restroom is a good sign the rest of the salon is not clean. Leave Now!

Does the salon look clean in general?

Dusty furniture, debris and nail clippings on the floor and food in in work area should make you think twice about having that mani & pedi  .

Are you communicating with your Nail Technician,  are they not listening to you?

There is more to having a good service than just picking out your nail color. If you can’t communicate, chances are you won’t be happy with your service. Miscommunication is a primary cause of nail salon infections and lawsuits from infections.

Does the salon offer single-use disposable files, buffers and wooden sticks?

Used and dirty nail files, sanding bands and buffers are a sign  this salon is not following a top notch sanitation protocol.  Insist on new files and buffers for every service or find a Safe Salon.

Did you see where the tools, files & buffers were stored?

If the tech pulled these items out of a dirty drawer or container it’s time to get up and leave.

Does the salon have a container with a jar of  liquid disinfectant, in sight?

Ask the technician to disinfect the tools by soaking them for 10 minutes in a mix of fresh solution.

Does this salon use an autoclave to sterilize their metal nippers and nail clippers ?

Salons that use autoclaves will be happy to show you and tell you they use the highest level of sterilization. A lot of salons use sealed bags to give the appearance of sterilized tools. Look for a “change indicator” like letters and arrows that changes colors when autoclaved. The package will appear “shrink wrapped” resulting from heat and pressure. Sterilization is defined as the process where all the living microorganisms, including bacterial spores are killed. Sterilization is an absolute condition while disinfection is not.

Did your technician offer to use a razor blade, cheese grater or a “shop sander” to remove the calluses on your feet?

Get up and leave now while you still have feet you can use. Safe Salons offer single use foot files and will explain how long “callus treatments” should stay on before removed.

Can you see a brand name or at least an identifying label on what’s being used on your hands or feet?

This is your body.

Are the foot basins clean?

Safe Salons will explain in detail the sanitation and disinfection of the foot baths. They will show you a bottle that will clearly state the product is a hospital or medical disinfectant. For your protection, put your toes where no feet have gone before and choose a salon that offers single use tub liners

If your service was painful you are not in a safe salon.

Did you forget you had an infected cuticle or an open soar on your foot when you showed up for services?

Safe Salons will not work on clients with these conditions and will ask you to return when you are healed.

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